MAP27 Library

ActiveX control library for developers of MAP27 applications

As HASCOM has worked extensively with the MAP27 protocol, a sub set of the MPT1327 trunked radio protocol, we often get asked if we can assist other companies implement this protocol in their products or applications. As a result we have released our MAP27 ActiveX control, which implements the MAP27 protocol. This allows Visual Basic and Visual C/C++ programmers to make use of the MAP27 protocol with very little effort and minimal learning curve.

The control exports simple methods (functions) such as:

  • OpenPort(LPCTSTR Port, short Baud, short Format)
  • Dial(short Prefix, short Ident, short CallDetails)
  • SendStatus(short Prefix, short Ident, short StatusNum)

Full details of the API and the MAP27 protocol are available to download as a .pdf document (220 kBi).

The control supports many simple methods allowing easy access to common actions. It also allows the parent application to compile MAP27 packets to achieve more complex functionality.

The control also supports Tait specific extensions for sending non-prescribed data (NPD) using the T2040's internal modem.

The control can be supplied in a 32 bit or 64 bit Linux binary for Win9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 as well as versions for Linux CE.

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