Serial IO

Field device for railway telemetry, supporting S2, UCE & Genisys protocol conversion as well as digital IO & ADCs

Note: This product has been superseded by the Serial IO MKII. This page is for information only.

Over 10 years ago HASCOM was asked by BHP IO to develop a device which could replace a number of components in their railway telemetry communications system. The device had to interface between different serial protocols, on different carriers, provide some digital IO, be ultra reliable and low cost. We originally designed the "S2 to EC4 Protocol Converter" which is still in use today. But as the requirements and installation base grew, the design went through several revisions, which include the "Serial IO" unit that is used at many locations around Australia.

Serial IO unit front

The Serial IO unit provides a field device that can:

  • be polled via the Westinghouse S2 protocol commonly used in railways, over the following carriers:
    • V.22 modulated single ended audio
    • V.23 modulated single ended audio
    • Synchronous at RS232 levels
    • Asynchronous at RS232 levels
  • poll other devices via the GE/Harmon UCE protocol
  • poll other devices via the GE/Harmon/US&S Genisys protocol
  • provide 32 isolated inputs, 32 outputs capable of driving relays
  • provide 8 analogue to digital converter (ADC) inputs
  • be configured by a user friendly PC application

Serial IO unit back

Also, for some specific applications, custom firmware has been developed. For example acting as a Genisys protocol slave and an S2 protocol master at the same time to provide protocol conversion in the field. Other customisations could be provided upon request.

Software archive:

File Size Description Operating system
SIO_S2UCE.exe 84 kBi Configuration application for S2 - UCE firmware Win XP/Vista/7
SIO_S2Genisys-Master.exe 55 kBi Configuration application for S2 - Genisys Master firmware Win XP/Vista/7
SIO_S2Genisys-Slave.exe 55 kBi Configuration application for S2 - Genisys Slave firmware Win XP/Vista/7
SIO_GenisysS2_2x64.exe 57 kBi Configuration application for Genisys to S2 (2 x 64 bits) firmware Win XP/Vista/7
SIO_GenisysS2_5x32.exe 56 kBi Configuration application for Genisys to S2 (5 x 32 bits) firmware Win XP/Vista/7

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